Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message

     I would like to welcome Diboll Independent School District staff members, students, parents and community to the website for our outstanding school district. Our new and improved website is designed as the primary source for information and news about the Diboll Independent School District.
      With just under 2,000 students educated on 5 campuses, the school district employs approximately 320 of the best educational leaders, teachers and support staff. Due in part to the excellence of the school system, the city of Diboll was ranked second in Texas by in 2015 as a top city to raise a family. 

      The Diboll Independent School District has one overarching goal - to help each of our students achieve to their highest potential. In Diboll, we believe in our children, in their potential and in their premise. We believe that each child is special, and we pledge to " teach them all. "
      As educators, our efforts are based on four areas of focus: student achievement, safety, diversity and partnerships. We strive to have an instructional program that is innovative, creative, and progressive so that we can best serve the different learning styles of our students. We are ever mindful that we are preparing our young people to live and work in an increasingly complex and challenging global society. When they leave our schools, they must be prepared to take their rightful places in our community and the larger world. Blessed with the partnership of a strongly supportive community, we are doing just that. We have parents that are interested and engaged in their children's education, many of whom volunteer their time, talents and services, and we have a multitude of meaningful partnerships with civic organizations, members of the business community, and supportive partners and benefactors. In Diboll, it truly is "all about the children" and together we are helping our young people achieve and succeed.
I am honored to be part of this wonderful school district and look forward to meeting you. We value your involvement, feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to contact me at or by phone at 936-829-6108.
Best Regards,
Vicki Thomas
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Diboll ISD Student Exit Survey

If you are withdrawing or have already withdrawn your student from Diboll ISD, please complete this survey. We are interested in your thoughts and opinions and value your feedback.

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Mission Statement

Diboll Independent School District, as the educational center of our community, prepares our students for the challenges of the 21st century through the collaborative efforts of parents, staff and community in a safe learning environment.

To accomplish this mission, Diboll ISD has established the following commitments.
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to Academic Progress/Growth
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to helping our students achieve job readiness.
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to providing and using modern technology in education.
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to managing the resources provided by our taxpayers in an efficient, responsible manner.
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to making our schools a safe place for our students, staff, and community.
The Vision of Diboll Independent School District

Diboll is the "District of Choice" in East Texas. State of the Art facilities provide an ideal learning environment for all students. An exemplary staff, innovative and challenging curriculum, and an actively involved community foster creative centers of learning for everyone.

Our students graduate as healthy, confident, honest citizens eager to enter society as happy, productive, young adults. They excel in academics, technology, communication and the arts. They view themselves as having completed the first step in a life-long journey, fully prepared to accomplish their goals and visions.

As the leading school district in our area, we are committed to quality education for the well-being of our children. The full involvement and resources of the entire community allow Diboll Independent School District to provide the education necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our dedication to education makes Diboll the most desirable place to live in East Texas.