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Parent Resources » The Parent and Family Engagement Connection

The Parent and Family Engagement Connection

The Parent and Family Engagement Connection
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"Together We Can Make A Difference"
(Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Statewide Initiative)
Great Kids Make Great Parents
with Strong Discipline
Why won't my child listen to me?
The timing of correction and praise is vital.
Being consistent is important, young kids can get confused with sometimes or maybe.
Too often we focus on corrections and never say a word when things are going well.
Be firm
Tell your child and show your child.  Firm does not mean MEAN!!!
Have fun
Learning becomes boring and stressful if ideas are drilled all the time.
Be fair
Help your child understand what you want. 
Why won't my child listen to me?
Establish Communication
Start with your tone of voice. 
Even when kids understand your words they generally react to the tone first. 
Mothers do better with praise which is often high pitched and soft.  Fathers have the easiest time with discipline with a tone that is deep. 
Remember, commands should be firm, short and to the point, never letting the work drag on. 
Why won't my child listen to me?
Combine words with actions that demonstrate what you want with both positive and negative reinforcement.  Call your child by his/her name, give your command, demonstrate and give praise when your child complies-even if you made them do what you asked. 
Why won't my child listen to?
Getting your point across
Since kids must learn what many words mean, be brief, all the other-extra words are just a bunch of "Blah, Blah, Blah to kids. 
The Art of Teaching
* Give me time to understand what you want.
* Place your trust in me.
* Don't be angry with me for too long.
* Talk to me, if I don't understand your words, I will understand your voice. 
* Be aware that however you treat me, I'll never forget it.
* Go with me on difficult journeys. Everything is easier for me when you are there.
* Remember, I love you. 
Presented by:  Wayne Waddleton
The Family Crisis Center of East Texas and Harold's House East Texas Alliance for Children will be coming to Diboll High School on November 4th and Diboll Jr. High on November 10th to present the "Let's Talk About It" program.   
By talking about hard to discuss topics, kids gain knowledge which can help them to make safer and healthier decisions.  Topics to be discussed include:  sexting, pornography, STI's, consent, dating violence, healthy relationships, and safety. 
90% of TEENS and 96% of YOUNG ADULTS are either encouraging, accepting, or neutral when they talk about porn with their friends. 
1 in 4 adolescents report verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual dating violence each year.
21% of all new HIV diagnosis were among young people (aged 13-24) in 2018.
1/2 of the 20 million new Sexually Transmitted Infections were among young people (aged 15-24).
1 in 4 Teens are receiving sexually explicit texts and emails.
1 in 7 Teens are sending sexts.
More than 1 in 10 are forwarding sexts without consent.
Resources:  CDC, dating matters, strategies to promote healthy teen relationships,, JAMA pediatrics.
The Harold's House- East Texas Alliance for Children will be coming to the HG Temple Elementary and Intermediate Campuses on November 19th to provide a Child Safety Training Program.
The Harold's House believes in working together with families to help children have safe experiences in our schools and community.  While child sexual abuse is a difficult issue to think about, 1 in 10 children suffer this kind of abuse before age 18.  It is critical that we take action together to help increase child safety. With that in mind, a safety education expert from Harold's House-East Texas Alliance for Children, our local Children's Advocacy Center, will be on campus on November 19, 2020 spending a few minutes with each class, teaching body safety basics to our students through the "No, Go, Tell" child sexual abuse prevention program.
This material is approved by the Texas Education Agency, has been pre-screened, and is age-appropriate for our students.