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Employment Policies

Diboll ISD is required to disseminate information to all employees. If you would like a hard copy of this information, please contact your supervisor. This link will lead you to the DISD Board Policy, which addresses the following pertinent issues:
  1. For all employees 
          Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation:
          DH* and FNC- Policies and exhibits addressing standards of conduct for employees and          

          DIA(LOCAL) and FFH(LOCAL)*- Policies regarding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation,
          including contact information for reporting such behavior, for employees and students.

          FFI(LOCAL)*- addresses student bullying. Because bullying may also rise to the 
          level of discrimination or harassment, if based on a protected characteristic, this policy should be
          distributed to employees alongside FFH(LOCAL).

           Child abuse and neglect: 

           BQ(LEGAL)* - referring to the district plan for addressing sexual abuse and other
           maltreatment of children;
           DH(LOCAL)* and (EXHIBIT)* - addressing employee standards of conduct;
           FFG(LEGAL) and (EXHIBIT)- addressing child abuse and neglect; and
           GRA(LEGAL) and (LOCAL)- addressing child abuse investigations.
          Drug-free workplace:

          DH(LOCAL)* and DI(LOCAL) and (EXHIBIT) - Policies establishing a drug-free workplace
    2.   For teachers and administrators: documents pertaining to student discipline
          (LOCAL) Policies FN and FO
    3.   For contract employees: “Employment Policies”
          Policy Code                      Policy Title
          DAA*                                 Equal employment opportunity
          DAB*                                 Genetic nondiscrimination
          DBAA                                Criminal history and credit reports
          DBD                                  Conflict of interest
          DC                                    Employment practices
          DCB                                  Term contracts
          DEA series                        Salaries and wages; incentives and stipends
          DEC series*                       Leaves and absences
          DF*                                   Termination of employment
          DFAC                                Return to probationary status
          DFB series DFBA, DFBB    Termination of term contracts
          DFD                                  Hearings before hearing examiner
          DFE*                                 Resignation
          DFF                                   Reduction in force
          DFFA                                Reduction in force due to financial exigency
          DFFB                                Reduction in force due to program change
          DG                                    Employee rights and privileges
          DGBA                               Employee complaints/grievances
          DH*                                   Employee standards of conduct
          DHE                                  Searches and alcohol/drug testing
          DI                                      Employee welfare
          DIA                                    Freedom from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
          DK                                    Assignment and schedules
          DN series                          Performance appraisal
Note: * indicates a policy affected by Update 93, issued March 2012
Required documents must be signed annually and forwarded to Human Resources by August 31.