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Health Notes For School Registration

Special notes about this section were researched, developed and approved by the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) to assist parents / guardians for registration into Diboll ISD. Any parent, guardian or community member may volunteer to serve on this committee.
Head Lice Policy:
Our district practices a "No live bug" policy. Upon the third instance of live bugs on a child, the policy then becomes a "No nit" policy. On the third offense, parents must also provide proof of treatment (Medication box top, labeled receipt with current date) shall be submitted to the nurse. Children will be check every seven days for outbreaks of new bugs until free for one month. Nurses can provide references to an agency that can assist your for treatments if needed.
Fever Free Policy:
The minimum standards of the Fever Free Policy as set by the SHAC for children with fever in our schools. The Children's Health Clinic recommends 100 degrees as the peak temperature. Therefore DISD will respond in kind by following this policy, "when a student's temperature reaches 100 degrees, the student shall/must be sent home and cannot return until she/he is fever free for 24 hours without medication.
TB Test Policy:
Students or staff diagnosed with suspected or confirmed TB disease should not attend or work in schools until they have begun taking prescribed anti-TB medications and their health care provider states in writing, that they are not contagious. Within two weeks, individuals taking such medications are generally not contagious. The Texas Guide to School Health Programs does not recommend mass screening of children for tuberculosis. Instead a questionnaire screening process shall be used to determine if they are high risk and to be referred to their health care provider or to a public health care clinic for further evaluation. Children should remain in school while the results of their evaluation are pending. School nurses will evaluate the answers on the TB Addendum form and advise parents and students for any needed referrals. 
"OTC" Over The Counter Medications:
OTC Medications at School - Some OTC meds including Vaseline, Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol, Antiobiotic Ointment, Acetaminophen, Ibuprophen, Naproxen, Tums, Hydrocortizone cream 1%, Benadryl, Sting Kill, Foille Ointment, Claritin, Lamisil and Oxygen are kept in our clinic. They may be dispensed per the Children's Clinic guideline set for our District. The student must have a signed current Health form on file and the parent will be contacted by phone for permission each time. Please see our policy on our Diboll ISD website. 

OTC Medications from parents: 
Parent Signature is required. OTC meds from home will only be given for 3 consecutive days with a parent note, then doctor's order required beginning the fourth day. 
Revised 10/24/2018