Supplemental Benefits

Beginning July 1, 2017 there will be an annual open enrollment that provides an opportunity for employees to change supplemental plans, add/remove dependents, etc. Unless you have a qualifying event, there is no provision for making changes during the year.
DISD is partnering with The Advanced Financial Group​​ for the enrollment into their ThebenefitsHub  for supplemental benefits. Enrollment will be conducted electronically (not on paper election forms). You will have the convenience of enrolling from your school computer or your personal home computer.
Diboll ISD offers voluntary benefits to supplement existing employee health insurance coverage. These are offered under the Cafeteria Plan, otherwise known as Section 125 of the 1978 Federal Tax Reform Act, which allows employees to deduct the premium paid for eligible benefits from their gross earnings before federal withholding taxes are calculated and deducted.

Please visit The Advanced Financial Group​​ website for School Benefit Services and products offered.​​​​

Contact The Advanced Financial Group for questions about supplemental benefits.
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