Texas Education Agency releases 2021-2022 school district accountability ratings

Today, the Texas Education Agency released the 2022 State Accountability Rating.This is the first time the state has graded schools since the coronavirus pandemic paused scores in 2020. But what exactly are accountability scores and how should you use them? Here’s what the Texas Education Agency recommended shortly after the most recent accountability rating system was signed into law in 2017. “Communities need schools that are good for all students,” the agency said. “Parents need to know that schools are good for their own children.” The state grades each individual school as well as the district as a whole. The agency said that a high or low rating reflects how the majority of a student body is performing at that district. “A high rating such as an A indicates that many students are doing quite well, while a low rating, such as a D or F, would indicate that far too few students are doing well,” the agency explained.  A pandemic-era law is giving the districts and campuses that are struggling the most one more year of reprieve, only allowing campuses to be graded if they make an A, B or C. Campuses that would have gotten a D or F will receive a “not rated” status, similar to what all campuses got over the last two years as the entire system was paused.

Diboll ISD Superintendent, Vicki Thomas, states, "I am very proud to share that, because of our staff's hard work and that of our students, Diboll ISD has been ranked an "A" District under the state academic accountability system. This ranking is based on student achievement, school progress, closing the gaps, college, career and military readiness and graduation rates.  Additionally,HG Temple Intermediate received a TEA Distinction Designation for Post-Secondary Readiness and Diboll High School received a TEA DIstinction Designation for science. We are one of three school districts in Angelina County that attained an "A" rating. 

What our staff and students have accomplished is nothing short of amazing.  Our staff's dedicated and focused effort toward achieving our PURPOSE of helping every student to succeed. has led to exceptional PERFORMANCE which has placed Diboll in an elite group of school districts that have been designated as "A" districts by the State of Texas. Our staff and student's have brought great PRIDE to our school district community and state."

For a complete list of ratings for all school districts throughout the state you can go to the following link https://rb.gy/zzkatj.