ELL (English Language Learners)



Our mission is to work collaboratively with parents, personnel, and the surrounding community to ensure that the academic and cognitive needs of ALL language learners are being met.




The Multi-lingual and Multi-cultural Program at Diboll ISD provides an opportunity for those who come from a multi-lingual/multi-cultural home to become academically successful in the foundational concepts of Reading, Math, and Language while encouraging them to continue to retain their home language. Our program also enables those individuals from another country to achieve the skills necessary to be academically successful and to also provide encouragement for them to retain their native language in order that they may have greater educational and vocational opportunities.


At Diboll ISD, we believe . . .

  • that our program should implement the foundational concepts of READING, MATH, and LANGUAGE.
  • our goal will be to develop academic proficiency through the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • that successful academic skills will be a District priority.
  • the program will adhere to and teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
  • the involvement of parents, caregivers, and the community is imperative for the student's success.
  • that the student will contribute to their own education by accepting responsibility for learning.
  • that all educators and administrators involved should receive and implement ongoing in-service training in methodology, policy, and regulations to provide the most up to date, comprehension teaching.
  • that Diboll ISD will meet the needs of these students academically through gifted and talented, accelerated learning, assessment, smaller class sizes, appropriate materials, and special services.
  • that a high value should be placed on the culture and language of all students.
  • that campuses should encourage and promote interaction of multi-lingual students with mono-lingual students.