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Goals & Commitments 2023-2024


2023 - 2024 Diboll ISD

District Commitments


1: Diboll ISD is committed to Academic Progress/Growth

  • The Diboll ISD board expects that 100% of students will show academic growth in Math and RLA. This progress will be demonstrated with a combination of some or all of the following metrics:

Action: Use one or more of the following instruments to measure growth / progress in reading and math for PK4-12 grade;  State STAAR data, EOC, Circle, Peabody, NWEA. We have added the Read 180 and Open Court training. DMAC data disaggregation software is used to identify student weaknesses and teaching gaps. This will help align our growth data and give even better growth data for all of our student’s information. Every effort will be made to show growth in Math and RLA. District initiatives to improve student performance will include Lead4ward training, TEKS review, Unit Assessments developed to the rigor and standards measured by the state system, an effective and monitored Lesson Planning/Cycle. 

  • The Diboll ISD board expects that at least 90% of our student’s district wide will participate in at least 1 academic enrichment event, and that at least 45% will participate in at least 1 additional extracurricular event which requires commitments outside of the regular school day.

Action: A report will be given to the Board in January/June with current total student participation in ALL programs that we offer. This gives us information on what we need to do to improve the programs that we fund. If there are issues we can determine if the issue is financial, facilities, scheduling and or leadership, or if other programs should be offered. Campuses without UIL and other programs will develop campus specific programs to get students involved and prepare them for UIL competition etc. Board will receive a report documenting specific activities developed for the non-UIL campuses. 

2: Diboll ISD is committed to helping our students achieve college/career/military readiness. 

  • The district will make the development and ongoing evaluation of students' Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) a top priority. Communication with students and parents will be documented and regularly reported to the Board. The purpose of this is: 1. to assure ALL students and their parents understand the benefits (college enrollment) of a distinguished plan; 2. Promote job readiness; and 3. Help facilitate the transition from secondary to postsecondary. 

Action: The Junior Achievement program has been implemented to improve soft skills throughout our District. Resumes will be completed beginning in the 3rd grade. January will be our target time to review progress. The resume will be updated each year thereafter until graduation. Every Senior will participate in practicums or participate in job shadowing and Juniors will do a portfolio project, these will be facilitated by HS principal and counselors. Board will receive a synopsis of activities targeting job readiness, including resume, application, and interviewing skills. Report to the Board at the May meeting the feasibility of measuring what % of currently enrolled students are employed outside of school. 

  • Diboll High School will launch Pathways In Technology Early College High School for the 2023-2024 school year. This is an innovative high school program to prepare students for college and careers in competitive areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries. Students earn industry certifications and earn an associates degree upon completion of high school.
  • ACT/SAT/TSI participation numbers and scores will be regularly communicated to the Board. The Board expects that at least 80 % of our students will take either the ACT / SAT or receive a passing score on the TSI. In addition, students will be encouraged to take these exams in the 2nd semester of their junior year, to afford them the maximum benefit of the scores in scholarship and other applications.

Action: ALL 10th grade students will take the PSAT and this information will be shared with the Board. This cost will be paid by the district as part of the High School budget. Efforts to get students to take the SAT/ACT /TSI will be documented, and numbers shared with the Board in June. 

  • For programs that offer students the opportunity to earn certifications, the Board expects that the District will make every effort to help those students receive those certifications.

Action: The Board will receive a report of which certifications are available, how many students are receiving those certifications, and how many students are on track in those programs to receive certifications in the future. 

3: Diboll ISD is committed to managing the resources provided by our taxpayers in an efficient, responsible manner. 

  • The Board will review district efficiency at least three times per year. (December, February, and May : Measures will include the following:

Action: Revenues and Expenditures: Diboll ISD will receive an above standard achievement rating on the First Report, receive an unqualified opinion on the annual audit, and Conduct a public hearing concerning the budget. 

  • Facilities: The Board Capital Resources Committee will meet with the Administration at least twice per year to review current and future facilities needs and report to the full Board. The committee will establish and prioritize long term goals with the capital resource committee during Sept/ October of each year.

Action: Establish and follow a replacement schedule for roofs, HVAC, etc. Establish a District Fleet Replacement schedule for the long term replacement of all district vehicles. This will be reviewed 3 times each year and will continue using campus facility input provided by the campus principal and Board facility committee input to provide recommendations. Capital projects will be reviewed and updated each year. 

  • The Board expects that, district-wide, Diboll ISD will achieve an attendance rate of at least 94%. Each campus will have a target attendance rate set based on the previous year’s data. Each campus will have an attendance rate which is an increase from the previous year’s final attendance rate. Attendance is the largest driver of district revenue, and also plays a major role in student achievement.

Action: The Board will receive a report after each semester documenting attendance by campus.

  • The District views instructional time as a precious resource. We will invest in maximizing the amount of time that is available for and devoted to student learning. In our words and actions, the District will consistently demonstrate this value to our students, parents, and staff. 

Action: Classroom walkthroughs document that teachers are teaching bell-to-bell, principals reflect on instructional efficiency, campus schedules, events and activities are all designed around teaching and learning for the maximum benefit of students. 

4: Diboll ISD is committed to making our schools a safe place for our students, staff and community. 

  • The administration will work with ALL appropriate emergency responders each summer to ensure familiarity with our facilities. The administration will consult with local authorities and other experts in the field of school safety in the annual update to the District Emergency Operations Plan.

Action: The Safety Audit is performed every three years. A follow up on all recommendations will be communicated with the board annually.

  • The board will be presented with updated emergency operation plans at least once per year, and all staff will be trained to protect students and themselves. Training will include appropriate staff interactions and procedures for conflict resolution.

Action: Present overview in August / September and will complete again for the 2023-2024 with new data.

  • The District will strive to have all appropriate emergency personnel on our campuses, assisting with drills at least twice per year.

Action: Diboll ISD will have a “live updated” drill sheet where information is entered after every campus drill, campus principals will review the drills, notes and recommendations from the emergency personnel each nine weeks or sooner if needed. The principals are encouraged to bring in first responders and our police department. Principals are also encouraged to plan drills during transitioning time and lunch periods. The Board will be updated after each semester. Exterior door sweeps will be conducted once daily and the documentation will be maintained for safety audits.

  • The District will support mental health and wellness for students and staff. We will engage in a comprehensive anti-bullying effort that complies with David’s Law and includes strategies to address cyber-bullying. Staff will be trained to recognize the warning signs regarding student mental health issues and trauma related behavior.

Action: All Anonymous Reports and any written reports will be presented in a timely fashion. Staff members will be trained in trauma-informed care and take every concern seriously and follow up in a timely manner. Campus information will be provided in January/June to the Board.

  • The District evaluates discipline data specifically for incidents of tobacco, drug, and alcohol abuse. Administrators and staff are trained to recognize and address the use of harmful substances. 

Action: Discipline data will be presented to the Board after each semester detailing incidents of student substance abuse and the actions taken to address it. This data will be examined year over year to identify the effectiveness of our district counseling and intervention programs.

5: Diboll ISD is committed to being a district of choice, where students and parents desire to enroll and stay through graduation.

Action: Enrollment numbers will be examined by grade level and compared over the past 4 years to identify if and why students are leaving. We will compare our data to neighboring districts and COVID related trends. Trends will be evaluated related to transfers to other public, private, or home schools. The information will be presented at the November/December Board meeting.

Action: Once the district analyzes current enrollment trends, the Administration will develop a plan, if needed to maintain or increase enrollment.

Action: Diboll ISD believes in effective communication throughout the district. Faculty, parents, and the community will be kept informed of district activities through multiple sources. Administration is approachable and transparent. The district communicates through the District Website, traditional and social media, email, call outs, and the “remind” text system. Faculty meetings and convocation are also outlets for in district communication. The Administration will develop communication protocols to present to the Board at the November/December meeting.