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Mission & Vision

Diboll Independent School District, as the educational center of our community, prepares our students for the challenges of the 21st century through the collaborative efforts of parents, staff and community in a safe learning environment.

To accomplish this mission, Diboll ISD has established the following commitments.
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to Academic Progress/Growth
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to helping our students achieve job readiness.
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to providing and using modern technology in education.
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to managing the resources provided by our taxpayers in an efficient, responsible manner.
  •  Diboll ISD is committed to making our schools a safe place for our students, staff, and community.
The Vision of Diboll Independent School District

Diboll is the "District of Choice" in East Texas. State of the Art facilities provide an ideal learning environment for all students. An exemplary staff, innovative and challenging curriculum, and an actively involved community foster creative centers of learning for everyone.

Our students graduate as healthy, confident, honest citizens eager to enter society as happy, productive, young adults. They excel in academics, technology, communication and the arts. They view themselves as having completed the first step in a life-long journey, fully prepared to accomplish their goals and visions.

As the leading school district in our area, we are committed to quality education for the well-being of our children. The full involvement and resources of the entire community allow Diboll Independent School District to provide the education necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our dedication to education makes Diboll the most desirable place to live in East Texas.