Child Find


Child Find

Child Find refers to the process of “finding” children who may have a special education disability that warrants special education instruction or services.

Enrolled Children: Referrals for special education evaluations may originate from the parent, guardians, and/or teachers.  For students who are enrolled in a Diboll ISD school: Please contact the campus specific person listed below:

HG Temple Elementary:  Mindy Patton (936) 829-6950 or [email protected]

HG Temple Intermediate: Shannon Powell (936) 829-6900 or [email protected]

Diboll Junior High: Tracy Murray (936) 829-5225 or [email protected]

Diboll High School:  Camilya Barnes (936) 829-5626 or [email protected]

Stubblefield Learning Center:  Shanna Powers (936) 829-3100 or [email protected]

Preschool-Aged Children: If a preschool-aged child is not enrolled in a Diboll ISD school, the parent/guardian should contact the DISD Special Programs Department at 936-829-3100.

Parentally-Placed Private School students may be referred for a special education evaluation if the private school is located within the school district boundaries and a special education disability is suspected.  Private/Homeschooled parents should contact the Diboll ISD Special Programs Department at 936-829-3100.


Who can request an evaluation for special education?

Parents or Guardians: A parent or guardian has the right to request a special education evaluation at any time.  It is best to submit this request in writing if possible.


School: If the school knows or has reason to suspect that the student has a disability and a need for special education services, the school must refer the student for a special education evaluation.


SB 139 Notice to Families