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Employee Benefits

The Benefits of Lumberjack Nation
Diboll ISD 
provides a competitive benefits package to employees that are comparable to or better than our peer districts. We maintain a level of competitive salaries to our neighboring districts and provide support for TExES content area and PPR, EdTPA, and STR exams for any Diboll ISD Teacher. We also offer a wide array of opportunities for professional development to novice and veteran teachers. In Diboll ISD you will find increased opportunities for professional and personal development through partnership with area colleges and universities to develop a master of education and doctoral programs for professional staff members. Our district continues to improve the district's ability to provide an ethnically and racially diverse staff.

Professional Growth 
Diboll ISD offers its teachers a comprehensive array of professional growth opportunities based on student needs as identified in each campus plan.
Staff development opportunities, including instructional growth, classroom management training, seasonal seminars, and numerous other approaches address the latest teaching and learning strategies. 
Additionally, beginning teachers have the benefit of experienced, trained mentors who provide support throughout the year. A thorough orientation and a continuing menu of staff development opportunities for beginning teachers and teachers new to the district have been enthusiastically endorsed by these groups. 


Semi-monthly Pay-dates
All employees are paid semi-monthly on the 1st and 15th of each month unless otherwise noted on the payroll calendar. 

Leave Days

Employees receive 8 leave days per year, 3 local provided by DISD and 5 state provided by TEA. Employees may carry over any unused DISD days at the end of the year. 30 days extended sick leave for all employees that qualify.

Insurance & Optional Benefits

The district provides state health insurance provided through TRS Active-Care (Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX - Effective Sept. 1, annually). DISD contributes $350.00 per month toward qualified employee's health coverage. Optional Insurance Plans - several types of individual insurance programs are available to employees, including dental, vision, disability, and cancer. Life insurance - DISD provides employees with a $20,000 life and accident dismemberment insurance policy at no cost.


Employee Benefits Login

go to: http://www.mybenefitshub.com/dibollisd


Telahealth - 1800MD

Diboll ISD provides full-time district employees and their dependents with the Telehealth services at no cost to the employee. By adding Telahealth for our staff, we can help provide a quality healthcare service that you will love while also reducing medical expenses resulting from urgent care and ER over-utilization. 

Employee Assistance Program

Everyone in the workplace is balancing more than just their jobs and the stress of life can pull you in too many directions.
Employee Assistance Plans provide you with professional help to get you through what might be affecting your mental or physical well-being. Most plans offer guidance that can help you with stress and anxiety at work, depression, substance dependency, grief, job pressures, and more.
The benefits included in your EAP plan are listed in the providers sales materials.




MD Save 
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Savings program for generic and brand name prescriptions. Find the best prices at the nearest pharmacies.


School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a group of individuals representative of segments of the community, generally appointed by the school district to serve at the district level. They provide advice on coordinated school health programming and its impact on student health and learning. 


PreK 3 & 4 Program