Payroll Information and Forms

All employees are paid semi-monthly on the 1st and 15th of each month unless otherwise noted on the payroll calendar (see attachment under payroll forms). If the pay date falls on a week-end, employees will receive their paychecks on the Friday before. 
Automatic payroll deposit
The district offers employees automatic payroll deposit. Employees can have their paychecks electronically deposited into an account at the bank of their choice (some exceptions may apply). A notification period of 30 days is requested in order to activate this service. With automatic deposit, an employee's pay is immediately available on the pay date. Contact Lacey Chandler at 936/829-6113 for more information about the automatic payroll deposit service. Forms to process a direct deposit request can be obtained from this website.
Paychecks are delivered to each campus on payday. Paychecks will not be released to any person other than the district employee named on the check without the employee's written authorization. During summer breaks, paychecks may be picked up at the administration office. An employee's payroll statement contains detailed information including deductions, withholding information, and the amount of leave accumulated.
Name and address changes
It is important that employment records be kept up to date. Employees should notify the district's Human Resource/Payroll office if there are any changes or corrections to their name, home address, home telephone number, emergency contact, beneficiary, or any other change the district needs for payroll, IRS, TRS, benefits, etc. purposes.